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Invested in technology, invested in YOUR vision.

We continually invest in and incorporate the latest technological advances to ensure the continued health and well-being of your vision.

We invest in your eyes and your ocular health. Shouldn’t you? Your vision is PRICELESS. Do you really want to price compare your most valuable sense?

T 1Retinal Imaging

The Zeiss Cirrus Photo 600 represents that standard of care in the assessment, diagnosis and management of eye diseases. The Cirrus Photo incorporates optical coherence tomography technology to provide comprehensive imaging and measurement of glaucoma and retinal disease. Cirrus HD-OCT is the gold standard in vivo imaging device for the posterior segment and offers proven reproducibility for disease T 2management. The Cirrus HD-OCT provides real-time cross-sectional images and quantitative analysis of retinal features to optimize the diagnosis and monitoring of retinal disease and for enhanced pre- and post-therapy assessment. The device is beneficial for evaluation of cataract patients, pre- and post-operatively, and for the assessment of early signs of glaucoma and glaucomatous change.

This screening is a digital evaluation of your ocular health, and can detect disease processes before symptoms appear. This service is offered as an adjunct to our normal eye examinations.

T 3Visual Field Analysis

Humphrey® Field Analyzer/HFA II-i –The Gold Standard in Perimetry

The Gold Standard in glaucoma diagnosis and management offers the utmost in clinical confidence with advanced analysis tools backed by decades of research and clinical validation

The technology is not limited to only glaucoma. Shelley Eye Center uses the Humphrey Field Analyzer to assess vision loss from stroke, diabetes and other neurological disorders.

T 4Corneal Topography

Prior to fitting or refitting a patient with contacts, we map the front surface of the eyes with the Oculus Keratograph 4 corneal
topographer. While most eyecare practices only do this on so-called “hard to fit” eyes, Dr. Shelley realizes the importance of continued corneal health. By using topography on all contact lens patients, we are able to recognize subtle changes in eye structure and health before it becomes a significant problem.

T 5Lazy Eye Therapy (Amblyopia)

It has been said that imitation is the best form of flattery. Shelley Eye Center was the first practice in New Mexico and West Texas to offer the Diopsys Visual Evoked Potential system for management of amblyopia. 80% of everything a school-aged child learns is visual. The Diopsys system allows Dr. Shelley to objectively evaluate and monitor your child’s progress as your child is treated.

Invest in your vision. We do.